Brussels’ Sprouts–musings of an American Expat in Belgium

Three months since we left Chicago for Brussels. Spring brings houseguests and for Sadie, our Golden Retriever, lazy afternoons in our sunny garden feasting on a new treat–escargot, in or out of the shell, garlic butter, optional.
Finally, my head cleared of the transitions out of our old life and into the new, allowing me to write. I completed the eight remaining chapters of my latest novel, None Shall Sleep and farmed it out to my loyal team of advanced readers. Now it’s focus, focus, focus on polishing up novel 2, JELL-O with Jackie O. for a Fall 2014 release.

I’ll leave you with 5 random insights of our new life:

Brussels seems to sprout dog poop–it’s everywhere!
Grocery bags are not everywhere—bring your own or pay up.
Fresh vegetables and fruits aplenty in neighborhood markets at very low prices.
Tipping is not expected although we usually leave 5 or 10% at a nice restaurant when pleased with service.
The bread, AWESOME!! Why can’t Americans make good bread?

More to come in following posts……



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