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Before moving to Brussels in January 2014, I researched writers groups.  It saddened me to be leaving #Barrington Writers Workshop and #Off Campus Writers Workshop, two of the oldest writers groups in Chicago.  I looked at both groups as drivers of my quest to become a better writer.  Critique, knowledge and camaraderie of my fellow writers inspired me to continue writing and publishing.  But I was happy to see that our adopted city had a robust group of writers which I promptly joined.

Read about T.D. Arkenberg and the Brussels Writers Circle in an article written by Sarah Wiecek

Below is an excerpt from the post from June, 2014

The members of the Brussels Writers’ Circle are a varied bunch. Prose writers, poets, playwrights, memoirists, screenwriters and bringers of silly bits and pieces, we sweep in from all different occupations and locations every week to share our scrawlings with one another.

In ‘Meet the Circle’, we introduce you to some of our members, hopefully providing an insight into who we are, what we do, and what we think about Greco-Roman wrestling. Well, maybe not that last bit.

This week we will hear from Chicagoan Todd Arkenberg, who’s a relative newbie to the group, and therefore in a good position to give you a taste of what it’s like for fresh members.

T.D. at a #Brussels Writing Spot

T.D. at a #Brussels Writing Spot

Todd Arkenberg
BWC member Todd Arkenberg

When did you join the group?

I joined BWC in January 2014, the very month my spouse Jim and I relocated to Brussels.

What were your first impressions of the group?

I formed my first impression of BWC back in Chicago. Deeply involved with Chicago’s two oldest writers workshops, I searched the Internet for a group in Brussels to ease the transition into our new home. The website was robust – great information on the group and welcoming to newcomers. Three weekly sessions impressed me as a sign of serious writers committed to their craft. A prompt reply to my inquiry was a bonus.

For the full story, click on the link below:

#Brussels Writers Circle Introduces New Member, #T.D. Arkenberg



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