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  • Alive & Well & Living in Jacques Brel’s Brussels

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      Since the terrorist atrocities committed in #Paris on Friday, November 13, friends and family have reached out with concern to Jim and me. Email flurries intensified after #Brussels became the focus of investigators. Thanks to all who checked in with us. We, along with the nearly 1.2 million other residents of Belgian’s capital are [Read More]

  • Time to Start Saying Good-Bye

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    This isn’t good-bye, au revoir, vaarwel… just yet. But, our farewell to #Brussels is coming. Jim and I consider Brussels, our residence since January 2014, our home. We made that adjustment fairly quickly.                         To make our new life work, we knew that the physical [Read More]

  • Postcards from the Edge…or maybe, Brugge


    Have postcards gone the way of handwritten letters, thank-you notes and the family dinner hour?     As a kid, besides birthday cards from a great aunt, uncle or godparent stuffed with a few singles or a five-dollar bill, my favorite mailbox find was a postcard.  Back then, at the dawn of the jet age, [Read More]

  • The Things We Did This Summer

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    I know I’ve been shirking my blog. My last post was back in June. But I had good reason. It was summer! I’m sure many of you found yourself in the same boat–projects stalled, commitments deferred, deadlines missed, routines thrown out the window….  And all for good reason.  It’s summer. Here in Brussels, summer is [Read More]

  • On Writing, On Travel, On Life


    “Write what you like, then imbue it with life and make it unique by blending in your own personal knowledge of life, friendship, relationships, sex and work.”   (Stephen King, On Writing, Scribner 2000)  Last week, I enjoyed one of those rare treats in life when twin passions, writing and travel, blended in poetic harmony [Read More]

  • #Dunkirk, Heroism Fades into #History


    My father, a veteran of two wars, loved a parade.  He taught me to love the flag and honor the men and women of the armed services.  Memorial Day doesn’t arrive without my recalling the many parades that Dad and I shared together in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  Those are cherished memories. As a tot in [Read More]

  • Finding #Arkenberg

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    What’s in a name? Surely an identity: a way for the laundry to return your shirts; the pizza parlor to fill your order; an efficient inventory system for people—Bueller, Bueller…  A surname identifies your tribe and, if you’re like me, is a source of pride. Sometimes, families change their name, the British Royals one of [Read More]

  • #Champagne: A Name Bubbling with Joy


    The night they invented champagne They absolutely knew that all we’d want to do Is fly to the sky on champagne And shout to everyone in sight That since the world began no woman or a man has ever been as happy as we are tonight! (Alan Jay Lerner, The Night They Invented Champagne from [Read More]

  • It’s a Bulb’s Life; Nature’s Lessons for Life


    A tulip is a tulip is a tulip Oh to be in Holland now that April’s there….. A tulip by any other name would smell as sweet (Adapted from Stein, Browning and Shakespeare with apologies) Inspiration, sweat, patience.  Everything I’ve ever attempted in life comes down to those three ingredients. A combination of head, heart [Read More]