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Stranded Airline Customers in Goose Bay

Sounds eerily familiar:

Excerpt from #Final_Descent, Chapter 9 by #T.D.Arkenberg

Hap’s mind was in Fiji primed by a stream of notes passed under his nose by Winny as he spoke to Weston. He tried to tell his boss. One of the airline’s jumbo jets diverted to Fiji on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles with an ill passenger. All of the cabin attendants except the three most junior fled the plane, telling company officials who tracked them down to a resort, that their actions were justified. The delay pushed their workday beyond contract limits.

The situation had public relations disaster written all over it. Every hotel on the island was booked. With the untenable prospect of four hundred customers trapped on the airplane with no accommodation and no crew to operate the flight, the incident escalated to Hap, the Chief Operating Officer.

Hap ruffled the ring of hair circling his scalp. He’d love to embarrass Weston; let the crisis explode onto the evening news while Moses, the consumer champion, toasted his success with caviar and champagne. Hap grew frustrated with the pedantic outsider who had no desire to understand the business or its employees. Thinks finding an employee champion is as easy as ordering a pizza, Hap thought to himself. Ridiculous.

Hap had less patience for Ingrid. While he understood her value to Weston, he preferred the Prussian at a distance. Why couldn’t she stay in her sandbox? But objections were futile. He comforted himself believing she would bore quickly, disappear or delegate the work to an easily intimidated underling.

Should he let the crisis boil and embarrass Weston? Hap wavered. But he couldn’t do that to his customers, tarnish his airline or embarrass his hard working and dedicated employees. He hurled into action, screaming out the office door, “Get me the Ops Director!”

Seconds later, Winny shouted back. “He’s on the line.”

Hap’s nostrils flared as he yelled into the speaker, “Call Fiji. I don’t care what it takes, promise the crew anything to get back on that plane—anything!”

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