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#Global Connection, an organization dedicated to expat spouses, interviewed T.D. Arkenberg for its December 2014 issue.  In the article, entitled, Time for a New Chapter, Global Connection staff writer, Maria Foley explores T.D.’s move from #Chicago to #Brussels for his spouse, Jim’s job with #Nielsen.  The article focuses on T.D.’s re-inventing himself from loyal corporate soldier to dedicated author and novelist.  The feature contains a few nice photos of T.D and Jim and includes great plugs for #Final_Descent, and #Jell-O_and_Jackie_O.

Below is an excerpt from the Global Connection article:

Time for a New Chapter

It’s not hard for Todd to pinpoint the beginning of his passion for writing. “I got the bug early, in grade school,” he says. “I loved the creative writing exercises, and had fun weaving stories.” But university creative writing programmes were few and far between in those days, so Todd satisfied his creative needs with a BA in English from Northwestern University. Then he opted for a completely different path.
“An MBA in Finance and Accounting launched my business career and took
me away from fiction writing,” he says.
He joined United Airlines in 1986, and
rose through the ranks at the Chicago headquarters until he became a Vice- President in 2006.
Two years later, worn down by the relentless onslaught of rising fuel prices and neverending cost-cutting measures, he decided the time was ripe to take the leap and finally pursue his dream of becoming a full-time writer.

For the full article and photos, please click on the link below.

Global Connection Interview




  1. Fran Sleezer

    Todd, have tried to comment twice on IPad and will not
    transmit. Tried IPhone and it just disappears after
    drawing up article. Here goes again!
    Wonderful recognition. Don’t know when you
    have time to write; you have so many visitors.
    I missed trying moules frites when there but enjoyed
    ladies making beautiful laces. Europe is so much fun
    account in short distance can enjoy different cultures.

  2. Fran Sleezer

    So great seeing you recognized…..
    Terrific photo!!

    • T.D. Arkenberg

      Thanks Fran. All of your comments came through. Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. Todd

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