#Outskirts Press Top-Ten #Kindle Authors of 2014

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Outskirts Press Top Ten Kindle Authors for 2014

Top 10 Kindle Book Authors from Outskirts Press includes, T.D. Arkenberg and his latest novel, #JellOandJackieO

JAN 13

From historical accounts to coming-of-age fictions, ebooks from Outskirts Press authors are making a splash on Amazon. No longer a haven solely for consumers of fiction, ereaders are becoming a popular reading format for a variety of genres: thrillers and crime drama, romance, biographies and autobiographies, self-help, Christian life and even reference and text books. Our eclectic Top 10 list not only illustrates the broad interests of the ebook-buying public; it also demonstrate the breadth of diversity of modern independent authors, particularly those publishing with Outskirts Press.

These popular works from Outskirts Press authors range from biographical works to American history to coming-of-age fiction to non-fiction to poetry – and pretty much everything in between. Here, in alphabetical order, are the Top 10 bestselling Kindle book authors from Outskirts Press:



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