#T.D. Arkenberg Discusses His Self-Publishing Experience for the #Brussels Writers Circle

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I’m pleased to be a member of the #Brussels Writers Circle, a dedicated group of writers from all over the world who share a deep love for the English written word.  Several of my fellow authors have self-published their fine works.  We were asked to contribute to an article of the #BWC website about our experiences with #self-publishing.

Below is an excerpt from my contribution:

Why did you choose to self-publish?

Several author friends back in Chicago self-published. But I was skeptical. That’s not how authors made it big in the movies! So I tried my luck with the traditional route. Submission guidelines can be daunting, and the attitude of the agents, arrogant to say the least. I sent out about twenty queries. I got a couple of nibbles but mostly terse rejections. Half didn’t reply at all. I had one offer, a small publishing house in Texas. The publisher wanted substantially more rights than I was willing to give. And, they had no promotional support. I’d be doing most of the selling and distributing on my own. At about this same time, I attended a presentation by an author and self-publishing guru. She made it sound easy and gratifying. I was tired of wasting time. I was a writer and I had a second and third novel in the pipeline. It was time to get my first novel published and move on.

For the full article by Sarah Wiecek and my complete post, click the link below:

Brussels Writers Circle–Self-Publishing, the Pros and Pitfalls



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