T.D.’s account of his first experience with a professional editor

Hollywood.  The word triggers a kaleidoscope of images—movies, magic, star power—a place where fortunes are made… and lost.  A summons to the land of dreams filled me with excitement.  But judgment of my first major foray into writing sobered the high.  After letting corporate America define me for over two decades, I turned to writing for purpose.  Fiction had always been a passion, but grasping rungs of the corporate ladder and trying to hold on for dear life consumed my energy.  Once free to write, worry gripped me.  Could left brain relinquish its dominion?  More importantly, could right brain, as atrophied as a withered appendage, grow strong?

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Hollywood Calls




  1. Kathleen

    Hi Todd! Love the musings on Belgium life. A book in the making .. ? The bread! Yes! Delicious there and Paris! It’s the flour or so I’ve heard. Baker from north shore stated it’s climate that can’t be duplicated in US ( ie the
    sun,moon,stars in France-my feelings)! And my blog? Sadly haven’t posted much but maybe tomorrow:) and FB always read it.

  2. Jim Arkenberg

    Hey you’re hot. What are you doing the rest of your life? How about we spend it together? 🙂 xoxo

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